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The following sources can be helpful if you are searching for information about families who worked for Peter Hasenclever's northern New Jersey ironworks and upstate New York agricultural plantations. Although a few are now out of print, many are available from a variety of sources. For information about purchasing available sources, please drop us a line at info@LongPondIronworks.org.

Cole, David Cole, D.D., History of Rockland County. New York: L. B. Beers, 1884, repr. 1992, Historical Society of Rockland County, New City, N.Y.

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Krauss, Ernest. “Johann Jacob Faesch, Morris County Iron Master,” North Jersey Highlander (Fall 1979).

Mayhle, Bernard V. The Victor Genealogy of Fayette County, Pennsylvania (unpublished manuscript).

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Ransom, James M. Vanishing Ironworks of the Ramapos. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 1966.

Wyble, David W., Sr. The Wyble Family History, http://wyble.tribalpages.com.

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