By Susan Deeks


The following names are excerpted from the baptismal and marriage ledgers kept by the Jesuit priest Father Farmer, who traveled a missionary circuit that included New Jersey and Pennsylvania ironworks in the 1760s and 1770s. Only those families whose names appear to be of German origin and who are cited in the records prior to about 1778 are cited here. Maiden names have been supplied where known:

Audie, John and Mary Josephine
Aussom, John and Ann Elizabeth
Bachman, Martin and Anna Barbara
Bender, Mathias and Abigail
Bordt, Francis and Catherine
Butz, Christian and Catherine
Butz, John William and Mary Magdalen
Butz, William and Mary Catherine
Call, George Henry and Mary Catherine (Ruger)
Call, John Nicholas and Ann Mary (Pfaltzer)
Cobole, Bartholomew and Mary Ann (Walter)
Cobole, Daniel and Mary Barbara/Mary Ann (Welcker)
Cobole, John and Catherine (Kaufmann)
Conrad, Nicholas and Mary
Cramer, Matthias and Mary Catherine
Demuth, James and Anna Catherine
Dentz, Charles and Mary Ann (Kelly)
Deutenbach, John and Margaret
Dirk, John and Hannah (Alleton)
Dunnel, Peter and Elizabeth
Durst-Rieder, Francis Joseph and Anna Mary
Ells/Eltz (see also Olls), John Henry and Anna Elizabeth (Welcker)
Ettinger, John and Hannah
Fechter/Fichter, Philip and Eva
Gla, Charles and Anna Eva
Green/Grine, Peter and Susanna
Grell/Grill/Gril, John and Sarah
Grips, Peter Joseph and Mary (Krauskopf)
Hoffman, Lambert and Elizabeth
Holtzhaser/Holtzheber, Sebastian and Joanna
Horn, John and Anna Margaret
Jungfleisch, Nicholas and Mary Eva (Welcker)
Karker, Anthony and Mary
Kauffman, Elizabeth (Catherine)
Keiner, Elizabeth
Kramer, William and Patience
Loffler, John and Magdalen
Marian, Hubert and Anna Mary
May, James and Magdalen (Waibl)
May, John and Elizabeth (Heuser)
May, John Anthony and Margaret (Waibl)
Mentzenbach, Nicholas and Helen
Merchler, John and Mary Anna
Miller, David and Mary
Miller, John and Ann
Olls (also Ells, Eltz) , John and Ann Elizabeth
Pfaltzer, Eugene and Mary Margaret
Pfaltzer, William and Eleanor
Philips, John and Mary
Phillips, Conrad and Catherine
Regland, David and Catherine
Reutenauer/Reitenauer, Henry and Margaret
Renschmid/Reuschmidt, Bernard and Mary Dorothy
Ridal, Thomas and Hannah
Ruger, John and Elizabeth
Schaffer/Schaga, George and Jeanette
Schley, Conrad and Anna (Ward)
Schmid, Adolph and Elizabeth Margaret
Schmoltzer/Schmultzer, Conrad and Anna Susana
Scholtzer, Martin and Susanna
Schop/Schup/Schot/Schott, Philip and Mary Eva/Catherine
Seeholtzer, Martin and Elizabeth
Sig/Sick, John George and Mary
Stalter, Nicholas and Elizabeth
Stecher, Joseph and Anna
Strach/Strack, John W. and Anna
Strobel/Struble, James and Ann Margaret
Theusen, ? and Mary
Thomer, Christopher and Elizabeth
Tirk (or Dirk), John and Hannah
Waldman, Joseph and Margaret
Walter/Welker, James and Catherine
Weber, James and Anna Catherine
Weibl, Charles and Susanna Weider/Wider, Joseph and Margaret
Wingart, John or Joseph and Anna Elizabeth
Wohlleben, John/James and Catherine
Zech, Francis Anthony and Anna Catherine

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