Long Pond Ironworks Virtual Tour


Memories of Long Ago...
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Tour Map

Historical records indicate that these buildings had been on the grounds at various times, but very little, if any, evidence exists today of their existence.

Company Store Intersection
Blacksmith Shop
Tool House

Furnace Road
Tool House

Furnace Bank Road
Mule Barn
Old Yellow House
Old Akers House
Portions of the foundation, ancillary buildings and structures remain today.

Longhouse Road

First School house
Italian Shanty
Old Red House
Old Barn

Greenwood Lake Turnpike

Sike Monks House
Portions of the foundation of this home are still easily visible from the Whritenour Mine Trail (across the street from the Visitors Center & Museum)..

DeGroat House
Old Yellow House
Second Schoolhouse
Old schoolhouse

Charcoal Road (on the east side of the Wanaque River)
Along this road are the foundations of a charcoal house, barn and several old houses. This road travels Northward to Jennings Hollow and the Ward Mountain mine. Another road from here heads eastward to
Ringwood Manor.

Charcoal House
A shelter for charcoal used in the forge was built on this side of the river.
Old Houses
Several nearly complete and partial foundations are still visible

Other Places

1873 Raceway
A water raceway, to be used for the 1873 water wheel, was nearly completed when refining operations shut down at the Ironworks.

Railroad Spur
A bed for a railroad spur was started but never completed.

Scale (Weigh Station)

Directly across from the Company Store, only a pit & stone foundation remain of the scale that was vital to the operation of Long Pond Ironworks. Billings, payments and decisions on working mines were based upon the weights of raw materials coming in and refined iron shipped.

Scale pit

Sillsbury House
A partial foundation is still visible of this house on the northeast side of the Wanaque River.