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Museum & Visitors Center on Greenwood Lake Turnpike
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The Old Country Store

Currently, this building is our Visitor's Center and houses the Museum.

The West wing (left side of the building in these images) was once a two-family worker's house. Originally a staircase stood against either side of the center wall leading upstairs where there were two rooms, one for mom and dad and the other for the 2,3,4,6,8,10 or however many children there were. Downstairs were the living room, kitchen, eating area and everything else room(s). The wood/charcoal stoves had flues routed right up inside the end walls. This pattern and style building was repeated several times throughout the village.

This wing of the building is the older, original portion. Dating the building is difficult - at least one historian believes it dates to Hasenclever's era (1764 - 1767) but most historical architects date it to the Cooper-Hewitt period, around the beginning of the American Civil War (1861).

The center portion and right side were added together in the late 1920s. This new addition was the establishment of a roadside business here, effectively moving the old Company Store business from the village interior,out to the roadside, where they could also sell gas for the growing traffic and offer full general store services. The building was known as the Old Country Store. Later a fast food chargrill was here in the 1960s, and a picnic area was established to the right of the building and around the back which led down to the edge of the old Wanaque River bed.

Old Country Store - 1930s

Old Country Store today

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