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June 29-30, 2002

An ironmaking demonstration within the Long Pond Ironworks Historic District, sponsored by FOLPI, was held the weekend of June 29 - 30, 2002. It was the first effort at making iron at Long Pond in more than 120 years.

The centerpiece of the demonstration was a small blast furnace designed and constructed by Duncan Berry of Ringwood. Duncan constructed and operated several furnaces as a project for his ninth-grade environmental-science classes at South Kent School in Connecticut. Duncan is now a chemistry teacher at Saddle River Day School and a member of FOLPI.

The furnace was lit on Friday night and the demonstration was open to the public from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. In addition, there was a blacksmithing demonstration and tours of the Historic District, making for an exciting time at Long Pond.

By Saturday, enough ore had been smelted to require "tapping," or opening, the furnace to allow slag (impurities) to flow out of the furnace. This exciting event was witnessed by some of the hundreds of visitors who attended over the weekend.

Unfortunately, equipment trouble with one of the blowers resulted in a loss of temperature, and a subsequent blockage of the tap hole required the furnace be taken out of blast late Saturday. While in blast for a little under 28 hours the furnace consumed 380 pounds of coal and 180 pounds of iron ore.

Visitors on Sunday were treated to observing the furnace being dismantled - an interesting event of itself. When the internal structure of the furnace was exposed it revealed an 80-pound "salamander" of slag and iron blooms. About 70 pounds of malleable cast iron was actually produced.

Click on the images to learn more about this exciting event, and watch for announcement of our next demo in the spring of '03.

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"Ironmaster" Duncan Berry

Crushing ore

Charging (loading) the furnace

Tap hole

Dismantling the furnace

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