FOLPI Logo Proposed Changes to Bylaws, 2005

Summary of proposed changes to the Bylaws
The Friends of Long Pond Ironworks, Inc.

Section 4: Election Procedure

A nominating committee chairman shall be appointed by the board at, or before, the regular meeting in January to select a nominating committee of four voting members. The nominating committee shall solicit candidates for office from the voting members. A slate of candidates shall be established and announced at the regular meeting in March. Additional nominations from the floor shall be received at all meetings until elections are held.
Elections are held by secret ballot at the annual members' meeting in the spring June. In the event of a tie, repeated votes between the tied candidates shall be taken until a winner is determined.
Installation shall take place at the next regular meeting, or at a special function of the full membership within the same month, at the pleasure of the board.

Section 4: Limitations No committee shall have power to:

(a) Fill vacancies in the Board of Directors;
(b) Repeal, amend or adopt bylaws;
(c) Amend or repeal any board resolution that does not, by its terms, make it amendable or repealable by
such committee.
(d) Open nor hold separate banking, investment or other fiduciary accounts or instruments.

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